Saturday, May 2, 2015

Royal Family Update: The Second Royal Baby Post

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The long wait is over!!!! The Duke and Duchess' second child was born this morning at 8:34am BST (3:34am EST). The baby weighed 8 pounds 3 ounces.

She was wrapped in the Soft Wool Baby Shawl from G.H. Hurt & Sons Ltd. and wore a knitted cap; a gift from Nanny Maria's mother. It was purchased from Irulea in Spain. It has been noted that Charlotte was wearing the cap backwards. The part around her face was supposed to be around her neck. That explains the unusual way the design circled her head. Each cap is unique as it is made by hand. Ravelry has created their own version of the cap. You can download the free pdf here. Charlotte may have also been wearing booties and a sweater from the same company (UPDATE: Charlotte is wearing the sweater from the set in the photos released one month later of her and George).


Kate looked amazing as always. She wore a bespoke Jenny Packham dress, her Jimmy Choo "Gilbert' pumps, and her Annoushka Pearl Drop earrings. William missed the memo and wore blue.

I have to say the cutest moment is when Prince George arrived to see his new little sister for the first time. He looked so confused by all the cameras!!! You can watch the video here.

Unfortunately I didn't get to see them come out live. I had to go to a baby shower. And I must have gone to bed right as they announced that Kate had gone into labor. Sigh... At least I saw the wedding live...

Updated family tree
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5/4/15 12:30pm - The Princess now has a name! I got the first two correct!!! (see comment below :)
Charlotte Elizabeth Diana
Here's an article explaining the meaning of her name. Charlotte is the feminine form of Charles as well as Pippa's middle name. Elizabeth is not only the Queen's name, but also Kate's middle name, her mother Carole's middle names, and her great-grandmother's name! And we all know where Diana came from :) I can't wait to see baby Charlotte at her christening! George looked so different at his!

This commemorative coin was given to 2,015 babies born on the same day as Charlotte
Commemorative mug by Emma Bridgewater. Kate has visited their factory and even helped design a line of pottery for charity with them. They also made one for George when he was born.
Want to know what William and Kate were saying as they stood on the steps? Read this article here. You can also watch a program on the new little princess here.

Charlotte and George, side by side.
LOVE this little craft someone made! You can see more pictures of it here.


  1. My daughter and I have been wondering about the names she will have. Elizabeth will be in there somewhere. I love Kate's dress. Yes, she always looks stunning.

    1. I hope they incorporate Kate's family in there! Maybe Charlotte Elizabeth Frances...