Sunday, June 22, 2014

Occasional Wife

I "discovered" a new 1960s tv series recently, Occasional Wife, starring Michael Callan (yep, the same cute guy from Gidget Goes Hawaiian, which I will be posting about soon) and Patricia Harty, who became Callan's real wife in 1968.

The plot of the show is, Peter Christopher (Callan) cannot be promoted at his job (Brahm's Baby Food) unless he is married. So, he asks Greta, the hat check girl, to be his "occasional" wife. The episodes then revolve around the problems they encounter as they pretend to be husband and wife without anyone finding out the truth. They also spend a lot of time running up and down the fire escape in between their apartments...

Peter, Greta, and the man from the 7th floor
(not to mention good looks)

Peter and his boss, Mr. Brahms

The show ran for one season from 1966 to 1967 and had a total of 30 episodes. I found 17 of them on YouTube. They are linked below. You can read more about the show here.

Pilot   9/13/66
Occasional Trouble    9/20/66
The Rivalry    9/27/66
He Who Burns Bridges    10/4/66
I Do We Don't    10/11/66
The Promotion   10/18/66
No Cookie For Desert     10/25/66
Danger Woman At Work    11/1/66
A Friend Of The Family    11/15/66
Marriage Counselor    11/22/66
No Talent Scouts   11/29/66
GP Loves UU    12/13/66
Miss Greta Regrets    12/20/66
Peter By Moonlight   12/27/66
Alias Peter Patterson     1/3/67
Fair Play For Gypsies    1/17/66
Kangaroo Kandidates    2/7/67
New Secretary    2/14/67
Business Trip    2/21/67
Engagement Christopher Style    2/28/67
Instant Fatherhood    3/21/67
Soft Spot    3/28/67
An Affair To Forget    4/18/67
Oil Be Seeing You    4/25/67
So Little Time     5/9/67

Sally Field was the guest star in No Talent Scouts
Elinor Donahue (from the Andy Griffith Show) was in Oil Be Seeing You

Not only is this a cute show, but you get to look at Michael Callan the whole time! ;)