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"It May Look Like a Walnut" - The Dick Van Dyke Show

In this season 2 episode, The Dick Van Dyke Show meets The Twilight Zone, or rather, the Twylo Zone. "It May Look Like a Walnut" (episode 21, Feb. 1963) is among one of the most popular episodes and one of my personal favorites, though at the time the producer, Sheldon Leonard did not think it would go over well. Reiner was obsessed with The Twilight Zone at the time, which is why he wanted to do the episode.

Rob watch's a scary, late-nite movie

He covers up Laura's head so she doesn't have to listen to the scary music

Rob does an impersonation the Twylo-ite in the movie, Kolak,
who just happens to look like Danny Thomas (with a British accent)!

Rob explains how Twylo-ites have 4 eyes

I know a funny thing! A near-sighted turtle falling in love with an army helmet!

Rob finds the reminder that Danny Thomas is this weeks' guest star

Walnut filled with absorbatron

What is a Danny Thomas?

The famous scene, done in one take so the crew wouldn't have to put all the walnuts back in the closet.
Fun Fact: The thousands of walnuts used for the scene of Laura descending from the closet were supplied to the show by walnut wholesalers. Dick Van Dyke recalled that the actors and crew were allowed to eat as many walnuts as they wanted -- eventually causing many of them intestinal problems from over-consumption of the low-fiber nut meat. After the show, the producers returned any unbroken walnuts to the wholesalers -- most of which ended up on store shelves.

Rob: Laura...
Laura: My name is not Laura. It's Lolak. Lolak of Twilo. [parting the hair on the back of her head toward Rob] I SEE yooooou!
Rob: Oh, what a nightmare! What a night... I dreamed that I was a Twylo-ite. And I lost my sense of humor and my thumbs! [looking at his thumbs] Oh! [kisses them fervently]
Laura: I dreamt that Danny Thomas was chasing me and throwing walnuts at me, and every place he'd hit me I'd lose a thumb and grow an eye!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Watch the episode for free on Hulu. Also on Netflix.


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