Friday, May 29, 2015

"The Green Poodles" by Charlotte Baker

The Green Poodles (1956) by Charlotte Baker is a story of a girl and her champion poodle, Juliet, who travels from England to stay with her only surviving relatives, the Greens of Pond Farm. "A Green is a Green and Greens stick together." They start a dog kennel for money with the help of C.O. Seymour, the author of The Poodle Primer. The book tells how they train their dogs and enter them in dog shows.

Every time the Westminster Dog Show is on I am in the mood to read this book. It is an awesome book with great illustrations. The only problem is, my copy is missing a page on one of the suspenseful parts. I forget about it every time I start to read it and then I get to that part and wish I knew what happened. Then I keep reading it and forget about it until they refer to that part of the book again. My mom read it aloud to me and my brothers when we were little and I have read it several times on my own. Read it! Another great dog show book is The Shy Ones by Lynn Hall.

Cast Iron Poodle Book-Ends
Green Poodles towel
Poodle Grooming Chart
Emerald Poodle Pin
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