Tuesday, August 25, 2015

You Have a New Code Name: U.N.C.L.E.

Last week I went to the movie theater to see Guy Ritchie's The Man From U.N.C.L.E. starring Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer. I have been wanting to go see it again since then.


Now if you are a huge fan of the original TV show, then you may or may not like the film. The reviews I have seen either highly praise the movie or complain at how it is not like the show at all. I have not seen the show so that did not influence my thoughts on the movie.

There is nothing NOT to love about this film: actors, dialogue, action, soundtrack, filming style, fashion, I loved everything about it. Someone pointed out that the movie seems to take place during 1953 (it shows a clip of President Kennedy) but the fashions or late 60s/Twiggy style. I tend to not let those kind of things bother me, unless its something they got horrible wrong. I watch movies for entertainment though so a few errors timeline-wise don't bother me.

Here are a couple reviews/articles that I enjoyed:

... is a Welcome Vacation From This Summer's Blockbusters
It isn't concerned with being a great, sweeping film, nor is it tethered to some hulking franchise. Sure, there's a rather dour nuclear bomb threat at the end of this tunnel, but Ritchie and co-writer Lionel Wigram are more concerned with floating the audience along on the bubbly journey it takes to get there. Even the action sequences are more concerned with style and humor than with violence.
The Clothes, the Cars, and the Locations Explained

My favorite scene

And now, Alicia 's wardrobe. I pretty much want all of her dresses. This one is my favorite.

Love her sunglasses!!
Really want her earrings here...
This dress also has a cut-out back

I can't wait till this comes out on blu-ray!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2015

What I Would Like To See Kate Wear

Over at Duchess Kate, one of my favorite Kate Middleton blogs, is a post where YOU get to choose how to dress Kate. You just leave a comment with a link to an item or items you would like to see the Duchess of Cambridge wear. Here's the outfit I came up. All of the accessories she already owns; only the dress is new.

I would have Kate wear this while on tour. The link to the dress no longer works but the address bar said Ariella Maral - du jour branco e floral Azul.

Other looks:

[dress and Kate Spade earrings no longer available; clutch found here.]

Kate would look lovely in this Light Blue Plain Pleated Cross-Over Neckline Chiffon dress.
I would pair it with Kate's Annoushka Pearl Drop earrings, her gold plated Acorn Pendant by
Kristin M London, this Tory Burch White Straw Clutch (no longer available), and the
Stuart Weitzman Corkswoon Wedges in white.

[dress, necklace and earrings no longer available]

I absolutely love this dress I found on Pinterest. I would keep the clutch and belt and pair it with either these green teardrop earrings or the Nina Teela tanzanite earrings and Kate's L.K. Bennett 'Silver' Cross-Strap sandals.

[dress, clutch no longer available, sandals]

[blouse, jeans, trousers, shoes no longer available]

[McQueen dress found here - click to see in better detail, L.K. Bennett Pumps found here.]

Here's what it looks like on.

Here's an evening ensemble. Kate already has all of the accessories. The dress can be found here.
And now here are some individual items
I would love to see Kate wear:

Kate would look fantastic in this Pink Collarless V-Neck 'Osbourne' Jacket  and Long Pencil Skirt in Pink Eggshell from Really Wild Clothing. I can see her pairing it with her Russell & Bromley Park Ave heels and 5th Ave clutch (pictured in first ensemble) and her Annoushka Pearl Drop earrings.

We all know Kate loves her Breton tops. Here are some from J. Crew with a spin. The middle one can be found here (shone in neon flame).

I can also see Kate racing William with this J.Crew Colorblock Sail Jacket wearing her 'sporting uniform' underneath.
These striped espadrilles would be a cute alternative to her Sebago 'Bala' Boat Shoes. She could wear them with her signature skinny jeans and this Polo Ralph Lauren 'Julianna' cable wool crew neck sweater.
Some other casual shirts she could wear:

Office 'On Tops' Red Patent Leather Heels
Asos Embroidered Cutwork dress
Louboutin Yellow Heels
Sergio Rossi Single Sole Pumps - woven raw silk, 4" heel

Michael Kors Stretch Wool Cigarette Pants
Ink Spot Cigarette Trouser
Maverick Blazer
Denim Blazer
Alexander Military Blazer
Yellow Cropped Blazer
Tod's Leather Trimmed Wool Blazer
Tropical Print Shirt Dress

L.K. Bennett Flo Textile Fold Over Clutch Bag

Michael Kors Sleeveless Belted Fit and Flare Dress in Khaki or Duffle


Stella McCartney Skinny Ankle Grazer Jeans

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Birthday of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother

On this day in 1900, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, who would eventually become Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, was born. She lived to be 102. Here is what was posted on the British Monarchy Facebook page today:
Her Majesty was Patron or President of some 350 organizations. She was Commandant-in-Chief of the Army and Air Force Women's Services, and for Women in the Royal Navy, and held other Service appointments.
For many years she was President of the British Red Cross Society, and she was Commandant-in-Chief of the Nursing Division of the St John Ambulance Brigade. She was also Colonel-in-Chief or Honorary Colonel of many UK and overseas regiments, and Commandant-in-Chief of the Royal Air Force Central Flying School.
And on her 100th birthday Her Majesty received, like other centenarians, a message of congratulations from The Queen.
In another post they wrote:
Following the outbreak of war in 1939, there was some suggestion that the Queen and her daughters should evacuate to North America or Canada. To this the Queen made her famous reply: "The children won't go without me. I won't leave the King. And the King will never leave."
Thus throughout the Second World War the Queen and... her children shared the dangers and difficulties of the rest of the nation. She was in Buckingham Palace when it was bombed in September 1940. She and the King visited badly damaged areas throughout the country after the air-raids, and toured Britain visiting hospitals, factories and troops.

If you are interested in learning more about the Queen Mother, I highly recommend Counting Ones Blessings: The Selected Letters of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother by William Shawcross. It contains letters from when she was little girl all the way up into the end of her life. Her letters are a delight to read and offer a fantastic look into her life. I only wish they included more scans of the actual letters. Shawcross has also written her official biography, which is on my "To Read" list.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

So July Was a Busy Month..

Sorry for the lack of posts in July. It was a busy month. We had a big family reunion that took out a good two weeks and then I had to catch up on my online TCM Film Noir class. I promise this month will be better ☺