Thursday, May 21, 2015

Penny Parker Mystery Stories by Mildred A. Wirt

The Penny Parker series is a delightful series about a girl who has a knack for stumbling upon mysteries, as all heroines of mystery series do. Her father is the owner of a newspaper called the star. Penny usually ends up getting a big scoop for her father's paper and they end up always beating out the rival papers to the big story of which Penny is always directly involved. Helping her solve her mysteries is her chum Louise Sidell who always, usually unwillingly, gets caught up in Penny's crazy schemes. The series is overall delightful. You can find plot synopsis' and order of books at Series Books for Girls and you can find the complete series to read for free online here!

This post was originally posted on Phyllis' Book Reviews. It appeared on 3/30/11.


  1. Thanks for posting--I have never read any from this series, but would like to. Summer is a great time for this fun reading.

    1. It's a really fun series! Some series can be a little boring once your past a certain age but this one isn't!! :)