Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Royal Family Update: Christening of Prince George

Oh my goodness! Look how big he already is!!
He is so cute!!!
(3 months and 1 day old)
Prince George Alexander Louis was Christened today, Wednesday, October 23, at 3pm BST (that's 10am EST) in a 45 minute service in the Chapel Royal at St. James Palace (instead of the usual Buckimham Palace). This is where Princess Diana's coffin lay before her funeral - just another way Prince William is incorporating his mother into his life. There were only 22 guests, 7 of whom were his godparents (a break from the traditional 6). Surprisingly, these did not include Prince Harry or Pippa Middleton. Here is a list of who was chosen (along with a nice little video). Prince George wore a replica of the christening gown worn by Queen Victoria's eldest daughter in 1841 (you can read more about the gown here.

The 172 year-old Lily Font where Prince George was baptised (with water from the River Jordan).
St. James Palace
The Chapel Royal
Here's a nice breakdown of the day along with more pictures.
And here's what the service looked like. 
After the ceremony, the guests attended a tea at Clarence House, hosted by Prince Charles and Camilla. A tier from the William and Kate's wedding cake was served. The original cake had eight tiers and was decorated with 900 iced flowers including white roses, daffodils, honeysuckles, daisies, and lavender.

 Can you imagine how long this must have taken?

Tomorrow the official photos of the ceremony will be released along with a highly anticipated photo of the Queen and three future monarchs (Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince George) together. The last time there was a photo like this was in 1894, at the christening of the future Edward VIII (along with father George V, grandfather Edward VII, and of course great-grandmother Queen Victoria).
Here's a short video on Four Generations of Royal Christenings
Prince George is already making firsts: here is a special christening coin from the Royal Mint (who's design echos the Lily Font). They come in different sizes and materials (and therefore values). As you can see, it's very fancy.

Here is Prince William and Kate's joint Coat-of-Arms, which was unveiled last month. You can read more about it here. Prince George will probably receive his own Coat-of Arms when he is 18, like Prince William.

After the ceremony

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