Friday, October 4, 2013

Flowers and Trees in "Anne of G.G." Ch. 12

Ch. 12:
Tiger Lilies

 Bleeding Hearts

 Crimson Peony
 Scotch Roses

Columbines pink
 and blue
 and white
 Bouncing Bets/Soapwort/Lilac

Ribbon Grass



 White feathery sprays of Sweet Clover
Scarlet Lightning
White Musk

Rice Lilies (Wild Orchids)

Anne mentions that Diana is going to teach her a new song called Nelly in the Hazel Dell. I could not find it on YouTube but I did find a blog post with sheet music for the song.
deprecatory - expressing disapproval; disapproving
He [Matthew] had just got home from a trip to the store at Carmody, and he sheepishly produced a small parcel from his pocket and handed it to Anne, with a deprecatory look at Marilla.

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