Friday, May 24, 2013

My Future Wedding (man still needed)

As you surf the internet for craft ideas, cute clothes, home decorating, and other things girls search for (insert your current movie star crush), you can't but help come across wedding pictures (especially  if you search, let's say, "royal wedding"). What to do with all these finds? Write a blog post!
Here is what I want my wedding to look like (so far)...
Bridesmaids and flower girl outfits in white
the bridesmaids dresses from Alfred Sung
You can rent bridesmaids dresses at this awesome site!
Maybe with yellow shoes?? 
Hair (only mine isn't long enough to put up)
or this...
or this...
(courtesy Pippa Middleton)
"Something blue"
(beautiful idea I found here on )
With the guys wearing light gray suits
(I kinda like the mint tie...)
White Lilac for bouquet (or other white flowers)
or this beautiful "berry bouquet"
Vintage Wedding Cake Topper (Martha Stewart)...
on a small, simple cake...
with mini cakes for the guests
get and ornament of your cake made here!
maybe some ice cream
Lanterns for the table centerpieces
with flowers??
...maybe some vases
beautiful table setting
 Throw lavender instead of rice
or sprinkles!!!! OMG!!!!!!
= beautiful day
(really want to make this)
And of course this post wouldn't be complete without Kate Middleton's gorgeous dress...
 or this


  1. Ahhhhh!!! I know right? My wedding is totally planned out too.. except I need a guy. xD

    ♥ Aspirer

  2. Thanks for commenting! You're the first one!! I just went and checked out your blog. I'm Catholic too!

  3. Dang. You've rekindled the freak-out-about-Kate-Middleton in me. Now I'll never be satisfied without a British prince and that DRESS! Ahhh... :)