Monday, May 6, 2013

Flowers and Trees (and other interesting things) in "Anne of Green Gables" Ch. 1

As I was re-reading Anne of Green Gables (for about the 6th time), I started wondering what all the flowers mentioned in the book actually look like and decided to write them all down and write a post about it. I also decided to add anything else interesting I came across (for example, what does a cotton-warp quilt look like and what are all of these poems that Anne knows like?). It's kind of hard to find some of the flowers as the names are not always the real ones, but I have done the best I can. And so, here is what I have found:

Chapter 1:

Ladies Eardrops
Cotton-Warp Quilts: I found an interesting blog post on Rachel Lynde's quilts here
Turnip Seeds
"Patriarchal" Willows (30-50')
"Prim" Lombardies
White Cherry Trees

"Nodding slender birches"


 Wild Rose Bushes

Ch. 2 coming tomorrow after finals!!

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