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31 Busy Days Hath December

A few ideas for you of things to do throughout the month of December in preparation of Christmas:
I'm guessing this was put out by Betty Crocker... just a wild guess ;)
Here is a great book to get you in the mood for Christmas as well as give you ideas of what to do "The Twenty Four Days Before Christmas," which incidentally is the name of it. It is by Madeleine L'Engle and is an Austin family story ("Meet the Austins").

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Day 1: Advent Calendar. This can be a new one or a cherished family heirloom.

Day 2: Make Christmas cookies.

Day 3: Make a Christmas mobile. "Mom got wire and empty tin cans and a few Christmas tree balls. She took strong scissors and cut the tops and bottoms of the cans so that they made stars and curlicues. Then we took thread and hung the Christmas tree balls ad the tin designs on the wire, and Mother and John balanced it, and we had the most beautiful Christmas mobile you could possibly imagine. John got on the ladder and hung the mobile in the middle of the kitchen ceiling and it turned and tinkled and twinkled."

Cookie cutter chimes

Day 4: Put a "big glimmering gold star" over the mantelpiece.

Day 5: Decorate the stair rail with a cardboard Santa, sleigh, and reindeer.

Day 6: String Norwegian elves across the kitchen windows.

Day 7: Put a tall golden angel over the kitchen mantelpiece.

Day 8: Use Santa mugs at dinner and afterwards sing Advent carols.

Day 9: Hang Christmas bells from beams in living room.

Paper cup bells

Day 10: Get out the cuddly Santa doll.

Day 11: Make a Christmas chandelier. "We took a wire mesh lettuce basket and filled it with the Christmas decorations which were just a tiny bit broken but not shattered. We hung one of the prettiest, shiniest decorations on the bottom of the lettuce basket, and then Mother and John fitted the basket over the front hall light so that it glittered and sparkled with the color of all the Christmas baubles."

Here's how I imagine it.

Day 12: Make more Christmas cookies to replace the first batch that you probably ate.

Day 13: Stuff dates...

Day 14: Go out in the woods and pick up berries and ground pine for Christmas decorations.

~ Tasha Tudor

Day 15: Put lights on the outside Christmas tree. Also make wreath for front door. Use gilded and silver pinecones.

~ Tasha Tudor

Day 16: Decorate the house with holly and mistletoe.

Day 17: Hang up collection of doll angels.

Day 18: Put Christmas candle in kitchen window.

Day 19: Make Christmas cards with colored paper, sparkle, and cutouts from last years cards.

Day 20: Put up the crèche - stable, animals, shepherds, and angels. Joseph and Mary go in on Christmas Eve and the baby Jesus is added after Midnight mass. The wise men should be placed nearby, as they are "traveling."

"Viewing the Creche" ~ Tasha Tudor

Day 21: Go into the woods and cut down a Christmas tree (only if they're your woods of course).

~ Tasha Tudor

Day 22: Have a special lunch (hamburgers and milkshakes), put on a record of carols, and trim the tree.

Day 23: Today you're busy at the dress rehearsal for the Christmas Pageant.

Day 24: Hang up stockings. Put out a plate of cookies and some cocoa for Santa Claus. Put Joseph and Mary in the crèche. After Midnight mass, place baby Jesus in the manger and read the Christmas story from the Gospel of Luke.

~ Tasha Tudor

Here are links to some of the illustrations from the book:

The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas

More Illustrations

On a side note, I read the reprint where it was changed from third person present tense to first person, which sounds better. It is told from middle child, Vicky's point of view. However, I like the original illustrations WAY better.

All pictures were found on Pinterest unless otherwise stated.

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